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- Kitchen countertops are mounted on previously pre-set and stabilized furniture by the client. Our employees will securely fix the table top to the furniture, fill the joints at the joints of the worktop and in places where it comes into contact with walls and furniture. We will also install a sink, a battery and a hob.

- Fireplaces are mounted according to the all rules of chimney art.

- - Stone elements of floor coverings are mounted on an elastic glue with a low rainfall coefficient.

- Bathroom countertops are mounted on furniture or attached to the wall with racks. The furniture must be pre-arranged by the customer. The frame is assembled by our employee. The workers will mount the top and fill all the gaps in the place where the table comes in contact with other elements.

- Stone window sills are installed under the frame or the window frame. In the first case, they can extend beyond the support limit to 30 cm. In the second it depends on the area of ​​support. The company offers disassembly of old window sills and professional assembly of new ones.

- The company deals in assembly of internal and external stair cladding. Stone cladding is mounted on previously cast concrete steps or a metal structure. Our employees will securely fix each element of the cladding and fill all gaps with special silicone masses.

- Stone elements of façade claddings are mounted on special racks or by means of various types of anchors. They can also be mounted on the principle of tile laying technology.

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Choosing a Stone Fabricator

The Polish market is very competitive. As with any competitive market differences in quality exist. Some questions to consider are:

-What is the turnaround time?
-How completely are the edges polished?
-Are there any extra charges in the Quote?
-Am I able to pick my slabs?
-Are cut outs reinforced with steel?
-What kind of warranty is included?
-Are the counters sealed?
-What edge profiles are they able to fabricate?
-How well am I able to communicate with the fabricator?
-Contact us for a comprehensive no-obligation quote for your next project.